My name is Sachneet Singh Arora, I am the Administrative and Outreach Intern at Richmond Main Street Initiative.

I am really glad to get this opportunity to work here at RMSI with Alicia and Ronnie, the best possible supervisors I could have had. I have worked on different projects, selling our extra supplies to connect with different programs around Richmond in order to tell people every resource that they have for their support.

I like being the front face at the RMSI office where I get to interact with anyone coming into our office. After completing my internship here, I will be going to the University of California – San Diego where I will be majoring in Aerospace Engineering. 

Sachneet is an incredible addition to our team. He is highly motivated, creative, detail oriented, and thoughtful. I have been particularly impressed with the ways that he has taken initiative and demonstrated exceptionally good judgement. He is a natural people person, with a kind heart and a passion for being of service. Last week a woman came into the Richmond Visitor Center and asked for assistance in calling a Lyft ride. Sachneet patiently assisted her in troubleshooting issues with the app and pick-up address, and even helped her locate her ride. In just the 3 weeks that he has been a part of our team, he has completed many administrative projects that we’ve had on our “to do” list for months. It is an honor to have Sachneet as the friendly face of Richmond Main Street. Thank you Richmond YouthWorks for providing the Summer Youth Employment Program and thank you Sachneet for applying!

~Alicia Gallo
Interim Executive Director & Site Supervisor

*Update* September 3, 2021

Today I am sharing my experience of working as an Intern at RMSI for the summer. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me because it was my first paying job. I learned a lot of things including professionalism, all the way to the history of the City of Richmond.

During my time at RMSI, I worked on about 12 different projects, most of which were things that I did not know how to do and seemed very challenging at first. But as I started working and getting a hang of them, it got easier and easier, I built up a pace and it was done. My awesome supervisors, Alicia & Ronnie were both really supportive, whether I needed help with my projects or time to work on my own assignments from college. Alicia always said that I am a student first, then an intern at RMSI. It was a great experience interning at RMSI where I learned a professional lifestyle and work skills.

What’s next for me? I am moving to the University of California, San Diego on the 10th of September. I have already started taking my math class at Palomar College so that I can apply and get into Aerospace Engineering at UCSD in summer 2022. Hope for the best!

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