Volunteers are truly the HEART of Main Street

Every year Richmond Main Street works with hundreds of committed volunteers in order to revitalize historic Downtown Richmond. Read on to learn more and how you can join the team.

Stay in the Know

Be the first to know about volunteer opportunities by joining our volunteer email list.

Have questions about volunteering?

Contact Alicia at (510) 236-4049 or outreach@richmondmainstreet.org

Volunteer at our Community Events

Volunteers make our community events happen—they help children express their creativity at Music on the Main, invite the community to sample healthy snacks at Healthy Village Festival, transform Macdonald Avenue into an outdoor bazaar for our Spirit & Soul Festival Fundraiser, and help Santa at the Downtown Holiday Festival.

Our Next Events

Here is our annual event and volunteer projects schedule. Check back or join our mailing list to get notifications!

April/May: Spring Clean-Up at Community Green Space

June 29: Healthy Village Festival

July 24 & August 28: Music on the Main summer concerts

September 21: Spirit & Soul Festival

December: Downtown Holiday Festival

Have questions about our event schedule and volunteering?

Join a Committee or Board of Directors

Volunteers serve on our Board of Directors and Committees where they actively help bring our events and programs to life. Our committee members help us realize our revitalization initiatives. Check out our initiatives and meeting schedule, and call (510) 236-4049 to learn more about how you can become a part of realizing our vision of Downtown as a safe, vibrant, thriving destination for arts, entertainment, businesses, and residents with an easily accessible transit center.

Help Out in Other Ways

Volunteers help us accomplish vital administrative tasks and connect with our stakeholders by assembling mailings, managing our office, conducting phone calls, and passing out flyers along the commercial corridor.

Interested in volunteering “behind-the-scenes” at Richmond Main Street? Contact us today!

About Volunteering with Us

When you sign-up to volunteer at one of our events or projects, you’ll be asked to let us know about your interests, skills, and preferred activities. Please make sure to select activities that match your interest and ability, and let us know of any strong preferences or limitations that you have. We will do our very best to make accomodations. Here are some additional details to help us make your volunteering experience the very best it can be!

Preferred Activities

Tasks may include:

Event Prep/Set-Up

Transport/Unload supplies, Set-up tables/chairs/tents, Prep giveaways, Vendor/Volunteer Check-In, Traffic Monitor

Event Hospitality

Staff info/sales booths, Backstage manager, Pass out flyers/programs, Conduct surveys, Monitor/Distribute drawing prizes

Event Giveaways/Youth Zone

Staff giveaway booth(s), Facilitate arts & crafts activities, Monitor jump house

Event Clean-Up

Breakdown tables/chairs/tents, Pack up supplies, Load/Transport supplies, Traffic Monitor, Litter Pick-up

Community Clean-Ups

Gardening (weeding, pruning, raking, planting), Litter pick-up, Graffiti abatement

Neighborhood Ambassador

Litter pick-up, Graffiti abatement, Merchant outreach, Conduct surveys

Special Outreach Projects

Mailings, Phone calls, Merchants outreach, Conduct surveys, Distribute flyers

Join a Committee or Board of Directors

Attend regular meetings, Provide valuable expertise, input, and perspective, Work on special projects

We also post volunteer opportunities on the following websites:

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