Guest post on behalf of ChuckT, Rich City Studios:

If you are able, please donate to this GoFundMe campaign for Richmond resident & Downtown business owner ChuckT of Rich City Studios. In addition to COVID19 setbacks, ChuckT is now facing a long road of recovery from injuries sustained in a vehicle collision. Let’s show ChuckT our love and support! Every dollar & forward helps!


“July 24th I was in a really bad car accident. This lady ran the red light going somewhere between 40-50mph and completely totaled my BMW, broke a finger on my right hand, cut my left arm up hella bad, and also broke my knee. I had a GoFundMe going already because GoFundMe is matching up to $500 worth of donations from businesses being affected by Covid but with this injury I’m really in need of some support because I’m going to have to shut down for a few weeks so if I could get some assistance now that I’m temporarily disabled and cant work I would greatly appreciate it. ” ~ChuckT, Rich City Studios


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