Friday’s special edition opening reception for our current Art Through Transition exhibition was really neat! Residents and a group of artists from NIAD joined us for refreshments and a celebration of colorful paintings by Luis Estrada. Over glasses of sparkling ciders, we gathered around Luis to hear about his inspirations and motivations to create art.

Luis spoke in depth about the recurring symbols in his work—numbers that record dates and transit movements, sun and water motifs that document weather patterns, and the names of professional wrestlers and action heroes (“HBK” and “XXX” are some favorites). For Luis, a lifelong Richmond resident, painting is a way to make tangible the many daily occurrences that he observes and things that fascinate him.

From afar, his works appear abstract and made of random shapes. But get a little closer and these symbols, words, and numbers are revealed, unveiling a “hidden” world of interconnected movements and actions. Check out these 3 ways to get a good look at Luis work:

1) Stop by our office anytime to view the works through the windows

2) Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, knock on the lobby doors so we can welcome you into the space to check out the pieces up close

3) Come out to the Closing Reception on October 12!



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