Late Spring showers have certainly kept us all on our toes this past week. We like to think that they have also brought some pleasant surprises and blessings for a productive season…

Last week’s Small Business Branding workshop was a ‘sold out’ event, with every single seat in our conference room occupied by a local solo-preneur looking to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to boost their business.

On Friday we attended the RYSing Professionals intern program’s party to celebrate the accomplishments of this inaugural cohort–and we cheered extra hard for our intern, Humberto!

Today we are celebrating the brief break in the rain to officially announce that vendor registration for Healthy Village Festival is OPENLater this week (after the next storm system moves through) our Neighborhood Ambassadors will be embracing clear skies and sunshine to abate the weeds that have popped up along Macdonald Avenue and the MetroWalk. Keep an eye on our social media channels for moments capturing their hard work to keep Downtown clean & safe…and when you see them working, stop to say hello!

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