Julio and Ryan discussing the RMap, architecture, and photography Julio photographing the historic Mechanis Bank building while touring Downtown's public art

We are super excited to e-introduce everyone to Julio, our Discover Downtown Placemaking Fellow. Julio is a Richmond resident, rising senior at Richmond High School, and aspiring architect. He is working with us thanks to support from the WCCUSD Summer Intern Program. If you follow us on Facebook or Flickr, you have already been introduced to his work as he has been a huge help with uploading all the fantastic pictures from last year’s events. This past week we embarked on his next project: developing, building out, and debuting our digital Discover Downtown map, which will ultimately feature points of interest, public art, historic places and spaces, and more. We offer huge thanks to Ryan from Healthy Richmond for meeting with us and Julio last week to impart invaluable knowledge and tips he utilized while working on the RMap. Join us in welcoming Julio to our team and stay tuned for exciting developments in our digital realm made possible through his hard work!

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